Earlier this year I got to work on a series of three commercials for It was one of the first commercials I fully completed in Mistika. Production company Sounds Like Film hired visual effects company KPP Kiev from Kiev to turn the studio into real life bush. Oh and let's not forget about the  characters.

We wanted to have the maximum level of control in grading over the various (read: many) layers and elements as possible. So we came up with a plan to have the vfx shots delivered to us in "multi layered EXR files". Yeah, nerd stuff, but it worked great thanks to Mistika. Using multi layered files, you're able to select a layer in z-space (depth) and specifically work on those elements. This way we had great control over defocus, color, sharpness etc.

In April 2018 I presented this commercial during my keynote at NAB in Vegas for SGO. Production: Sounds Like Film

Producer: Jorrit Gerritsen
Agency: The Oddshop
Creative Directors: Niels de Wit & Robert van der Lans
Cinematographer: Jeroen Simons
Editor: Rogier Gerritsen
Grading: Jef Grosfeld
Sound Design: Nando Eweg & Melcher Meirmans