Watch Me - Zie Mij Doen


My second film with director Klara van Es. This time she's back with a very special project telling the story of... well, read on:


How do people with a disability look at themselves, at each other and at us? And how do we look at them? In a poetic black and white, we peek inside the minds of Nadine, Sofie, Sam, Quan, Mathias and Jessica, who all live in a care center for people with reduced mental possibilities. While they unravel their emotions over the course of 1 year’s time, they teach us about the world and especially about ourselves.


This is one of the first long form films I have graded in Mistika. What a joy. We provided the full post production for this film from online to color to mastering. In collaboration with my good friend Mike Vosmaer, we took care of all the conforming, vfx, titles, versioning and mastering. The 2.5k Arri images were beautifully shot by Kris Vandegoor, making for a super nice black and white image. We mastered the film to digital cinema and it just looks great on the big screen.

This film was produced by the Belgium Cassette for Timescapes and Memphis Film from Utrecht. The film will tour to festivals and will see a release in 2018 and 2019.

Cassette for Timescapes
Memphis Film
Zie Mij Doen - Watch Me